Self-defense for the Real World


You don't have to be a trained solider to have a warrior spirit.


What if the empowering feeling of increased confidence made you a less attractive target for a predator? What if you could better understand and protect your personal space?  What if a strong voice was all you needed to end a potentially violent conflict?  What if you could unlock and control a hidden, powerful energy that could be used to protect yourself from an attacker?


FAST Defense can provide the training necessary to fulfill all of these objectives - in only 3 hours.


FAST Defense provided by Ronin Academy is a program that has been fine tuned by a global network of instructors over the past 40 years to provide an effective and streamlined self-defense program. There are no highly technical skills taught that may be lost in a high stress situation or fancy martial arts that require years of training. We train you to use you own natural power of adrenaline to create a strong defense, both verbal and physical. These skills will give you a valuable weapon that you will carry with you the rest of your life. 


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