Michael Foster is the owner and President of Ronin Academy which is dedicated to improving the quality of life by building the confidence and skills necessary for public to defend themselves.  He has been studying Aikido for over 11 years and holds the rank of Shodan (1st degree Black Belt), and is the manager of Savannah Aikikai.  He as also practiced several other martial arts including Ta Kwan Do, Judo, and Iaido.  


"In everyone's martial art journey there comes a point when it's time to share the gift you have been given.  It became obvious as I watched students come and go through the dojo that a long intensive training process is not for everyone.  Other priorities are too overwhelming to allow for such a journey; however, there had to be a way to teach the public self defense techniques that did not require years of training.  That's when I found Bill Kipp's FAST Defense program and I was immediately sold.  It is not as powerful as Aikido, but it's solid and easy to learn in hours, not years"