Self-Defense Class Outline

Level 1 Class                       (3 hrs - $50)

The entry level class is a great way to build confidence and develop the basic skills to defend oneself.  From this class the student will get the training needed to deal with verbal assaults and physical attacks from a standing position.  We’ll start with Awareness Training, which is more than just “don’t walk down a dark ally by yourself”.  The student will learn the bully / predator mindset and how he or she picks their victim.  The student will also learn the biochemical and emotional reaction to the “fight or flight” response.  Next we move into Boundary Training.  Here you will learn how to deescalate an attack before it become combative by being assertive rather than aggressive or passive.  In Combat Training we go over the vulnerable areas of the body along with simple effective strikes from the standing position. Scenario Based Stress Training is where we put it all together.  The student will go up against an attacker in a real life situation with a coach.  The attacker will use verbal assaults to get the student into that adrenal state and because the attacker is in a predator suit, when the combat starts, you don’t have to hold back and the strikes are at full force.  Using simple techniques while in adrenal state creates a memory that will be remembered during a real attack.   In the end, empowerment of the student is what we are after and a confident student is less likely to be a victim. 


Weapons Class                       (4 hrs - $95)

This is not a class for wimps.  Of course, since the Intermediate Level class is a prerequisite that will not be a problem.  Even a rubber gun or knife in the hands of an effective Predator can raise the adrenal level to a completely new level. In the Awareness Training the student will learn how predators use weapons to instill fear.  Because of the increased danger with a weapon, the Boundary Training has to take a different direction, using a less assertive stance to buy time and assess the situation.  The student will go through several scenarios in verbally dealing with an attacker with a weapon.  In the Combat Training, the student will learn how to disarm the attacker, once again using very simple techniques that will be remembered during a real attack.  Once again will put all the above training into affect and go up against an attacker in the predator suit for more Scenario Based Training session.  


Children Anti-Bully & Anti-Abduction            (3 hrs - $60)

It's one thing for an adult to be bullied at work or home, but for a child, this type of threat can be a life-changing event.  With the introduction of Zero Tolerance in schools, children now have fewer options to defend themselves against such assaults.  The FAST CATS class teaches children how to deal with various difficult situations that they will deal with in a fun and lively environment.  This program addresses the following:

  - Dealing with common playground altercations

  - How to handle name-calling and teasing

  - Protecting personal "space" and possessions

  - Setting boundaries against aggressive bullying 

  - Assessing appropriate defense and how NOT to start a fight

  - AND Introduction to Abduction Scenarios

       - Safety around strangers and dangerous adults

       - Getting Lost

       - Home safety skills

       - How to physically break away and escape the grasp of an abductor


Children gain confidence with the new assertive choices they learn to apply in a wide variety of situations.  FAST CATS students are much less likely to react out of anger or fear, or have to use physical resistance after asserting proper awareness skills and appropriate de-escalation behavior.