Common Questions

Q: What clothing should I wear for class?

A: You should wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing.  Clothing you would work out in.  Also since no shoes are allowed on the mat, it is preferred that you practice barefoot.  If that is not acceptable, purchase some type of sock that has a gripping sole.


Q: Do I need any martial arts experience?

A: Absolutely not.  This is a stand along course using gross motor skills in an intense real life scenario.  


Q: How in shape do I need to be to take this class?

A: As with any exercise, medical conditions will dictate how far you should push yourself.  The intense real life scenario will increase your heart rate and blood pressure (it's part of the adrenaline response) and the methods of self defense will require strikes to padded objects; however, if you let the instructor know ahead of time what conditions you have, the attacker will work to a level your medical condition will allow.  Therefore is it very important to be upfront with the instructor of any condition that might be a problem.  All medical information will be private and confidential.  It is recommended that if you do have, or think you have, a medical condition, you should consult your doctor before taking the class.


Q: What is the risk of injury?

A: As with any self defense class where the students are allowed to go full force against an attacker, there is a chance of injury.  The instructors have years of experience of teaching safe high energy martial arts classes and in reality the greatest risk of injury is to the attacker.